We hope this blog enlightens some of you, here at Flex Fitness we like to shed light on fitness topics you may have not known much about. Since we are on the topic of, “the 5 worst ways to lose weight,” let us at Flex Fitness help you from wasting your time! Going to the gym can be a challenge, however, imagine if all that hard work you were putting in was not being used to it’s greatest potential. When it comes to losing weight and changing the way your body looks these popular trends will not give you the maximum results!

Fad Diets

        Uh oh, here we go! Let us start by saying that fad diets are just a quick fix to you losing weight. Fad diets can be great detriments when it comes to you and your goals on losing weight. How you might ask? The quicker the weight comes off on these fad diets, the more likely you will be to put the weight back on and some. We here at Flex Fitness can state this because we see this happening often. Many fad diets are hard to sustain over a long period of time. Can you imagine having no carbs or a very low amount of carbs for the rest of your life… Sustainable? We think not.

  Cardio & Calories

        Flex fam, you can continue doing every type of cardio until you are blue in the face! However, let us tell you once again that these methods are effective ONLY when your nutrition is in check! Let us break it down for you… Let’s say you burn 500 calories on a treadmill. Now, after your workout, after you had just burnt 500 calories, you decide to eat those calories in the form of a single pizza slice. It is that easy for you to undo all the progress you had just made from your workout earlier the same day.

Moral of the story, you cannot outrun a bad diet!

Ab Training on Ab Training

        We see many gym goers train their abs CONSTANTLY to lose their unwanted belly fat. Our personal trainers here at Flex try to convey the message with their personal clients that you cannot lose the belly fat solely on doing ab tailored exercises. Flex fam it does not matter what the ab exercise is!! That alone will not get rid of your belly fat once and for all. People tend to do train their abs more frequently because of the low commitment. However, most do not realize that in order to SEE your abs you must shed off the fat covering up your ab muscles. Our personal trainers here at Flex Fitness can take you through rigorous HIIT training and more in order to see the results you want.


       We here at Flex could argue that this topic is at the upmost importance. Mindset above all is everything. Without mindset you might as well just stop reading this blog… You are reading this for a reason right? To learn new knowledge, to take the first step into building a better you. Whatever the reason is, your attitude is everything. Your mindset to becoming a healthier version of yourself falls on you. Our Flex personal trainers can only do so much, but if your mindset is right and you are ready to work, we can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

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        Lastly, we quickly want to discuss the usage of weights. This is a vital method in losing weight if done correctly!! Now, we can only share so much information in these blogs which is the reason why booking your 1-1 training session with one of our Flex personal trainers is important. Lifting weights is a great method in building lean muscle and activating your metabolism. However, some weightlifting exercises are not as effective when it comes to losing weight.

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