1. Change Your Workout : Try new moves

If your workout is getting boring, simply add in new moves to keep it exciting. Give some moves you might not do all the time a shot: a new kind of exercise, think a new sport or activity or even a new workout class, like spin, yoga, or boot camp. Get out of your old routine and change your workout!

  1. Change Your Workout : Try the same moves differently

You don’t always need to create new moves- just change them a bit. You don’t need to entirely give up an exercise you like. Switch an exercise with a new variation instead of removing it altogether. If the reason you’re looking for a change is because you’re dealing with an injury caused by repetition, mix things up: change from dumbbells to barbells or vice versa.

  1. Change Your Workout : Manipulate sets and reps

Keep some old standby exercises in your workout. You need to continually challenge your body with them if you want to see the results. Change your sets and reps. Try to do 10 sets of three. Adjust your weight accordingly.

  1. Change Your Workout : Change up your rest

Stick to a rest schedule- find yourself spending seconds chatting with a buddy, getting a drink of water, or scrolling through Instagram instead of minutes. If you’ve been taking long rests, shorten it up: Hold yourself account 50 seconds for rest which will help you build muscle endurance, making your muscles more resistant to fatigue.

  1. Change Your Workout : Manipulate the tempo

Utilize the time under tension theory-how long a muscle is under strain during a set- to switch things up. Try not to get the move done as quickly as possible as that’s not the most effective way to challenge your muscles.

  1. Change Your Workout : Add in pauses

To make an exercise more challenging, add in a pause before you finish part of the movement. For example, if you’re doing a sit-up, raise yourself up and pause before you pull back down. This takes momentum out of play, which makes your muscles work significantly.