Teen & Adult Training

Athletic Training for Youth and Adults

Whether you are just starting your athletic journey or aiming to reach new heights in your sport, our Adult/Youth Athletic Training program is your stepping stone to success.

Join our community of passionate athletes, dedicated coaches, and supportive peers who are all committed to helping you achieve greatness.

Our trainers have backgrounds in different sports including:

  • Pro Wrestling
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Track and Field
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Powerlifting and bodybuilding

From 1-on-1 to group sports performance classes our team can help you or your children get to the next level in whatever sport you play.

Whatever Your Goals, Our Personal Training Programs in Surrey will help you reach them!

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Certifications for our trainers include:

  • TRX training Certified coaches
  • Agatsu kettlebell certification
  • Prepare 2 Perform myofascial strength specialists
  • Certified sports nutritonist
  • Certified Athletic & Sports Performance Trainers
  • Functional & Integrated Strength Training
  • Postural Fitness & Core Stabilization

Why Choose Our Youth Athletic Training Program?

  1. Expert Coaching: Our experienced coaches bring a wealth of knowledge in sports training, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. They’re not just trainers; they’re mentors who understand the unique needs of young athletes.
  2. Holistic Development: We believe in developing well-rounded athletes. Our program focuses not only on improving physical strength, speed, and agility but also on enhancing flexibility, coordination, and overall fitness.
  3. Age-Appropriate Workouts: We recognize that the needs of young athletes vary at different stages of growth. Our training programs are tailored to the age and developmental level of each participant, ensuring safe and effective progress.
  4. Injury Prevention: Young athletes are more susceptible to injuries if proper techniques aren’t followed. Our training emphasizes correct form, warm-up routines, and cooldown exercises to minimize the risk of injuries.
  5. Sports-Specific Training: Whether your passion lies in soccer, basketball, track and field, or any other sport, our training can be customized to match your specific athletic goals and requirements.


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Don’t wait to unlock your full athletic potential. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how to get started on your path to excellence. Your journey to becoming a better, stronger, and more confident athlete begins here.

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