Registered Massage Therapy

Live Pain Free

“Massage Therapy is an evidence-informed, natural, non-invasive intervention for pain and dysfunction present in the bodys soft tissue and joint”

What is Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)?

The profession of Massage Therapy has evolved to become a primary health care modality in many Canadian Provinces. The massage therapy profession in BC is regulated by the College of Massage Therapy of BC (CMTBC). This central governing body works with the Provincial Government, under the Health Professions Act, to provide regulatory mechanisms that ensure public safety and a standardized educational format focused on providing successful registrants a minimum level of competency in the profession. To further ensure on-going professional competency the CMTBC requires all RMT to complete a minimum 24 hours of approved continuing education courses (CEC’s) every two years.

Flex Fitness registered massage therapists can help you live pain free; they listen actively to your concerns and create a detailed assessment of your posture, medical history and symptoms.  This allows them to design a unique treatment plan to help restore you to your optimum health.

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