Purpose Of Preworkouts

Preworkouts are used before workouts (hence “pre” workouts) and are intended to help with:
Endurance: Help you last longer with strength exercises.

Strength: Help you lift heavier weights.

Stamina: Help you last longer during cardiovascular exercise.

Mental Focus: Help you feel alert and focused.

And of course, Energy

Preworkouts are meant to be taken anywhere from 15-30 mins before workouts on empty stomachs. (To get the full effect). They’re meant to be taken on days when you feel tired or unmotivated (more so then usual lol) However, many individuals get reliant on prewrokouts and take it during every workouts, regardless if they feel tired or energized. (The biggest downfall of preworkout is how reliant people become on them.

What To Look For In Good Preworkouts

Most preworkouts will contain:

Caffeine: Caffeine is known to suppress appetite and increase alertness. Both good things you would want in a prewrokout. (You don’t want to be feeling hungry mid-way through a killer workout, and always helps actually being focused on the workout!) Prewokrouts will contain anywhere between 125  300mgs of caffeine!

Beta Alanine: Well knows as the main ingredient that causes “tingly” feeling when taking preworkouts. Beta alanine has been proven to increase muscle carnosine levels which attributes into helping with increases in high intensity performance. Preworkouts will contain anywhere between 1000-2100 mg of beta alanine!

citrulline malate or l-citrulline.: The fatigue fighter.  Citrulline malate is an amino acid (found naturally in the human body) its main purpose with being in a preworkout is to help with muscle pump. (increase blood flow into area being stimulated for workout) Pumps are not only good for how they make you look, but beneficial in how they increase the nutrients being give to your muscles.

Creatine: Creatine is most likely the most well documented workout supplement. It has been proven to work and aid with performance. It can drastically help with strength before workouts, and is know to help with recovery as well. Good preworkouts will contain anywhere from 700 – 2500 mgs of creatine!

Taurine: Tons of studies are being done on the benefits of taurine. Most research indicates taurine helps increases in: strength, focus, muscle cell volume, endurance, and recovery. Its is also said to help regulate blood sugar. As studies are not yet 100% conclusive, the amount of Taurine in preworkouts varies a lot.

Tyrosine: Another amino acid, tyrosine just like taurine have been coming out with recent studies to prove its effectiveness. The main purpose for tyrosine in preworkout is for mental focus, particularly while under stress (like that of lifting weights)



Best Preworkout For You

Firstly, you must decide on whether you are looking for Heavy Stim or Stim Free preworkout. (With our without caffeine) Then, decide if you need a preworkout for mental alertness and energy, or performance. Preworkouts for mental alertness and energy will have higher caffeine (or green tea extract if looking at a non-stim preworkout), taurine, and/or tyrosine. Preworkouts for performance will contain higher levels of, Creatine, Beta Alanine, and/or citrulline malate.

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