Kam Sihota

This year celebrates 20 years since I started my fitness journey, read that again… 20 years since I joined my 1st gym! I know a thing or two about fitness. My passion is, I want to become the best… for that reason alone I bring 100% every single day that I train. I specialize in body conditioning = building muscle & burning fat, endurance training = building up your stamina & functional core movements = unlocking your core. You will not be alone on this journey, I will be right there with you, guiding you, motivating you, ensuring you take no lifting injuries. We do this together.

If you want to change, if you want to become your best… let’s get started. I won’t let you down!

I will earn your smile & I promise this is where we start making you the hero in your story here at  Flex Fitness Personal Training Surrey BC

My Mission:

To build your body.

To bring out your potential. To boost your confidence.

To help you be happy.


  • NASM certified –


Personal Training Surrey BC
Ankur Sharma

I am a physiotherapist and movement enthusiast. My philosophy is “The body has a simple rule, use it or lose it”.


Nature has provided us this body to move with purpose. I have been practicing for the last 9 years where I realized how most of us are moving in pain and inefficient movements.

Later on, my passion for movement and purpose took me to the journey for Yoga in India, where I learned to be more aware of my consciousness. That made me realize the importance of “Motion with Emotion”. With my education, learning and experience, I help my clients with Active Rehabilitation. Come train with me at Flex Fitness Clubs, I will give you a free assessment and find the right Personal Training package for you in Surrey BC.


What is Active Rehabilitation?

I would call it movement therapy, where I help my members to realign their body and movements with the help of myofascial release, trigger point therapy, mobility, stretching, postural correction, prehab-rehab, strengthening and performance enhancement.


My Mission:

To alleviate as many of my client’s injury pains as possible. To help you move better each day.


– ISSA certified –

Personal Training Surrey BC
Priya Dhaliwal

Growing up I was a chubby child. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I felt the pressure to lose weight. Pursuing my passions at the time for modelling, acting and pageants, I took it upon myself to lose the weight…THE WRONG WAY! I wasn’t a certified personal trainer back then, just a girl who was overweight and wanted a quick fix! Fast forward 10 years and I’ve gained experience, knowledge and certification in all thing’s fitness.


I have a passion to teach women the right way to lose weight, get toned and live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I specialize in achieving your fitness goals & transforming your body.

My client’s transformations speak for themselves. My team of girls are killing it, just ask them. Let’s snatch your waist and build your booty together.


My 1-1 personal training sessions include:

  • Daily check-ins

— Healthy knowledge blast

  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Nutrition guide tailored to you & your goals!


My Mission:

To empower more females to live their best life while living their healthiest.


  • ISSA certified –
Pushkin Singh

Fitness is my goal, and the gym is the way through which I achieve it.


The goal is not only to transform myself but also others around me. Since early school, this passion has only escalated. The journey from being an athlete doing sprints, long jumps, and high jumps to a professional body builder was not easy, but every second of the grind was worth it.

I specialize in providing training for gaining muscle, losing weight, getting fit, and gaining strength. Prior 10 years’ experience and a constant interest in sports motivate me to keep going.

I don’t do bodybuilding for a living, but I do it to challenge myself every single day; I do it to become mentally and physically stronger every single day. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, then do not hesitate to contact me. I’ve been where you’ve been and I can assist you in becoming more diligent and disciplined about your health.


My Mission:

I enjoy teaching, so I teach what I know best. How to transform your body!


  • ISSA certified –

Achieve your goals faster & turn your vision into reality

Personal Training in Surrey BC

We’ve got some amazing talent at Flex Fitness when it comes to personal trainers & fitness coaches. Based on your goals and any special requirements, we ensure your success by teaming you up with the properly qualified trainer that will educate and motivate you in a way that’s right for you. This removes any doubt to whether you have the right trainer helping you. Flex Fitness Club prides itself in providing people with affordable personal training developed to help our community live a healthier lifestyle and enjoy a higher quality of living.

To book an appointment please fill out the form below or to learn more about training options, email (info@flexfitnessclubs.com) or call us at (604) 773 5652!

Personal Training in Surrey BC Includes

One on One 60 Minute Workout Session with Trainer
Cardiovascular Training Program For When You Are Not With Your Trainer
Nutritional Planning Based On YOUR Lifestyle
On-Going Training and Nutritional Coaching
On-Going Check Ins For Weight, Body Fat, Body Measurements and More!
Flexible Payment Program To Meet Your Budget
GUARANTEED Results Or Your Money Back!

Real Members Making Real Progress On Their Journeys

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Lose The Last 10lbs

Lose The FIRST 10lbs

Cut Inches Off Your Stomach, Waist, and Legs

Gain Lean Mass

Enter Your First Ever Competition

Run That Marathon

Whatever Your Goals Are, Our Personal Training in Surrey BC has the program you need to Reach Them!