Priya Dhaliwal

Priya Dhaliwal

Growing up I was a chubby child. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I felt the pressure to lose weight. Pursuing my passions at the time for modelling, acting and pageants, I took it upon myself to lose the weight…THE WRONG WAY! I wasn’t a certified personal trainer back then, just a girl who was overweight and wanted a quick fix! Fast forward 10 years and I’ve gained experience, knowledge and certification in all thing’s fitness.

I have a passion to teach women the right way to lose weight, get toned and live a healthy and happy lifestyle. I specialize in achieving your fitness goals & transforming your body.

My client’s transformations speak for themselves. My team of girls are killing it, just ask them. Let’s snatch your waist and build your booty together.

My 1-1 personal training sessions include:

Daily check-ins
Healthy knowledge blast
Weekly weigh-ins
Nutrition guide tailored to you & your goals!
My Mission:

To empower more females to live their best life while living their healthiest.

– ISSA certified –


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