“The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.”

        What made you start going to the gym in the first place? Everyone has their different reasons as to how or why they started their fitness journey. However, we are sure that somewhere along the lines you heard that,

“motivation is the key,”

when it comes to working out.  Well, we here at Flex Fitness are here to tell you that, motivation alone is not the key.

Motivation Is Not Enough

           Motivation is the first step into getting you mentally prepared, pumped and ready to get in shape. It will have you motivated on day one and day two of your workouts. Motivation alone will have you feeling great and will have thriving in the beginning of your fitness journey. However, what happens in a few days or weeks? Although, motivation is needed in the beginning, you cannot solely rely on it. Your boost of motivation will start to plummet. When this happens, you will need more then motivation alone to keep you consistently working towards your fitness goals.

That is where you will come to realize that fitness is about discipline.




“Train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.”

        While motivation gives you the desire to work out, discipline makes a habit out of it.  From great discipline comes consistency. You need to realize that the journey to fitness will have it’s good and bad days. On days where you are tired and do not feel that you want to work out, motivation alone will not be there to help you. This is where great discipline lends a helping hand. It will be the discipline that will get you out of your house and into the gym. Overtime, you will have conditioned yourself into great consistency. That is what will get you the results you want. This type of mental focus is key, that many seem to forget in the first couple of months of working out.

It Starts with You and Your Why

        Now, out of all the blogs we have written over the years… This might just be the best advice we have written, when one is wanting to get into fitness.

        It really does start with you.

        YOU firstly, need to find the motivation to workout! What is your why?

        The motivation behind your why needs to be a deep desire of yours. This will ensure that when you are motivated deeply with desire you will develop consistent discipline overtime.

         The reality is that our Flex trainers cannot out train your bad diet. We are sure you have heard that before, but it is true! Until a doctor tells you that you may not be there for your child’s graduation, is when some of you will wake up! Why wait for that? Start building structured discipline now! At Flex we are just trying to build a better you. Below we are going to offer examples of structured discipline, just some pointers to help you!

        However, if this blog spoke to you in any way and you want to change! Really change your lifestyle and start your healthy fitness journey. Please contact us… We are here to help! Fill the form below and as always one of our Flex trainers will contact you.

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Structured Discipline

  • Motivated to work out? Schedule all your workouts into a Google Calendar to keep you accountable or start writing your workouts down in your phone or journal. Start packing your gym bag the night beforeyou go to bed. Better yet, Commit to a personal trainer. This type of commitment makes you accountable not only for your personal self but for another person’s approval (that you would not want to let down).
  • Motivated to eat healthy? Prep healthy meals for the whole week! Learn easy healthy recipes that do not take long to make, (protein shakes are great for when you do not have enough time)!
  • Still not motivated? Watch your favorite inspirations! The Rock, C.T. Fletchers documentary, “My Magnificent Obsession”, the whole Rocky series! This can really help you start becoming motivated to work out.
  • TAKE ACTION! Prepay for personal training sessions that you cannot get out of!

        You come first. Without health we do not have anything. Stop taking your health for granted and get motivated, disciplined and start becoming consistent and serious about your fitness goals. – Flex Fitness

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