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Avneet Shokar

Growing up I participated in a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, tennis, hockey, football, swimming and volleyball. At the age of 17, I was given the opportunity to play on a varsity level Volleyball team at Douglas College. During my time playing I had a strength and conditioning coach who introduced me to weight lifting. My experience with my trainer had such a positive affect on me , not only on my fitness but my confidence as a young girl growing up. I was always pushed to work hard and I was amazed by what my body was capable of. Throughout this experience I learned how much a good coach can influence your confidence and lifestyle. I am now passionate about providing that same experience to others.

I have been working out myself for over 12 years and have 5 years of experience as a personal trainer. I am also currently studying Kinesiology. I have worked with a variety of clients with different goals from weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance and overall health.

I provide personalized programs to push you past what you think you are capable of. I also include tips on how to eat a fun healthy diet while still enjoying the foods you like. If you are ready to change your lifestyle and become the best version of yourself, let’s get started!

MISSION: Coaching individuals and pushing them to achieve their fitness goals while improving confidence and overall lifestyle.

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