Its almost cutting season! That means it is time to shred down, which means time to take some fatburners to lose weight.  But, with soo many on the market, which one should you take? Here is our breakdown for what to look for when deciding on the best fat burner for YOU to lose weight.

Fatburners are designed to help you lose weight and perform better; they do this through the help of a few key ingredients. These ingredients are scientifically proven to help with losing weight on their own, the effect is then doubled when combined into a fatburner!

Caffeine in Helping You Lose Weight:

Good fatburners will have somewhere between 150mg – 300mg. (Although there are a few non-stim fatburners for those who are caffeine sensitive) Caffeine is a staple ingredient in all fat burners, it is used to give you energy (which you need more than ever when on a caloric deficit) It also increases fat oxidation during a workout (fat being burned for fuel for the workout) And also, has shown to reduce hunger! (Helping you stick to your diet).

Carnitine in Helping You Lose Weight:

L-carnitine is like an amino acid (can be produced naturally in the body or by eating fish and animal products) It is a widely popular supplement for losing weight as well! Good fatburners contain anywhere between 300mg – 1200mg! Main purpose of carnitine being in a fat burner is its role in transporting fat and carbs into mitochondria to produce energy!

Green Tea Extract in Helping You Lose Weight:

Good fatburners will contain somewhere between 250mg – 400mg (Usually the lower the caffeine content, the higher the green tea extract content) Green Tea Extract’s purpose is that similar to that of caffeine’s. It aids in fat oxidation & suppress hunger and has been shown to increase metabolism, meaning your body burns more calories! All of this helps you to lose weight

Thermogenesis in Helping You Lose Weight:

Several ingredients are used to get the thermogenesis effect in fatburners. The main one of these is Cayenne Pepper which comes anywhere between 25mg – 250mg! It is proven to increase the body’s metabolism and to increase the heat produced by the body (which will increase calories burnt) and help you lose weight.


We would suggest when looking for a fat burner pay attention to these 4 ingredients. If a fat burner contains all these, and in good quantity, then it is almost guaranteed to work well in helping you to lose weight. Also, if it is your first time taking a fat burner, and if you don’t take much caffeine already, we would suggest you start with a lower or even a caffeine –free fat burner!

Remember you can always come into the club and ask one of our knowledgeable staff about which fat burner would be best for you!