Let’s be honest, most people think that high reps and heavy lifting is the key in terms of how to build muscle. It’s true, muscle growth is largely dependent on working hard at the gym but for just as many people, their approach to this workout is often flawed or ineffective at the very least.

In other words, you obviously need to work hard in order to gain muscle but your strategy is equally important and more focus should be placed how you train as opposed to how often.

But what does this mean exactly and how can you develop the right strategy to gain muscle?

Well, you can take time to educate yourself on the right diet, habits and techniques but there is simply no substitute for working with an experienced personal trainer. After all, when you consider how to build muscle, there is no book or resource that can match the results of a personal trainer.

Let’s take a closer look at how to build muscle mass and how personal training can excel the process:

How To Build Muscle through Personal Training

 As a rule, personal trainers make every effort to teach their clients that more strength means more muscle. If you lift heavy weights, your body becomes stronger but in order for muscle to grow substantially, you need to focus on embracing the right diet and training techniques.

With this in mind, here are the basics of how personal training can teach you how to build muscle:

  1. Learning How to Train Smart with a Personal Trainer

You see, many people think that training hard is the key to building muscle but smart training and “conscious living” is the combination that enables some people to find more success than others. In other words, while hard work at the gym and weight training is necessary, it’s how you spend this time at the gym that really counts and the specific approach that will decide the amount of muscle you gain.

Needless to say, diet is also critical to building muscle and what you put into your body is often just as important as the number of reps you manage. For this reason, personal trainers can provide a tailor-made diet that will nurture the fastest possible muscles growth for every individual.

  1. Identifying the Right Protein Intake

Many online resources are great for learning about protein in particular but personal trainers know precisely what works for every individual. You see, everyone is different and every person requires a very specific amount of protein to impact their muscle building strategy. With this in mind, your personal trainer can advise the precise amount of protein you need to aid the recovery process before and after every workout.

  1. Increasing Calorie Intake

If you want to take this process seriously, you need to know that counting calories is necessary. Yes, this is one of the more boring or tedious things about building muscle but it’s also critical.

Now, although you will need to consume between 250 and 500 extra calories per day, you also need to make sure that this intake consists of the right nutrition. You see, muscle recovery needs a certain amount of nutrition and then time to recover sufficiently.

Either way, working with a personal trainer can help you find the right balance that will create a diet conducive to building muscle.

  1. Deploying Lifestyle Awareness

 When you choose to work with a personal trainer, you have immediate access to a wealth of knowledge. What’s more, this is not always common knowledge and often involves insightful ways to excel your muscle building efforts. In fact, personal trainers like to teach their clients about various aspects of lifestyle which further impact the process.

For example, you might be aware that the average person requires *eight hours sleep each night for sufficient recovery. However, personal trainers like to explain the reason “why” and educate their clients on how lack of sleep can reduce testosterone which is important to the process of building muscle.

*In case you might be asking yourself, recent studies by the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that sleeping less than eight hours per night can reduce these testosterone levels by up to 15%.

  1. Refining Training Technique

As you might expect, training and technique is the main benefit of working with a personal trainer. That is to say, personal trainers can provide guidance on every aspect of working out, from the correct number of reps and sets to to right techniques that focus on eccentric workouts instead of concentric training.

Now, you may not know the difference but simply put, eccentric techniques slow down the process and show you how to build muscle effectively rather than exerting too much energy for lesser results. What’s more, you can learn about compound exercises and how these complex methods increase the rate of muscle building and are often responsible for a remarkable body transformation.

How to Build Muscle and Moving in the Right Direction

If you’re like me, you think that preparation is the key to success and taking time to master a slow process is usually more beneficial than rushing ahead without strategy. From my experience as a personal trainer in Surrey, this is certainly true and I know that each of my clients would agree.

Aside from any of the above, it must also be said that learning how to build muscle is something most people think about yet very few will actually do. In other words, sometimes the hardest thing about building muscle is getting started and the finding time to make the process a priority.

Either way, the above steps should help you on the way and as you should see, even for people who might struggle to gain muscle, working with a personal trainer to build muscle is usually the first of many steps in the right direction.

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