Have you ever wanted bigger biceps? Here at Flex Fitness our trainers want to share some useful bicep building tips! If you have been training your biceps for awhile and do not see the results you have been aiming for then we suggest you keep reading. In fact, in the paragraphs below our Flex trainers here in Delta will share how to perform specific movements in order to ensure maximum bicep building results.

        Firstly, Flex family you need to understand the concept of compensation. When you work-out any specific muscle group from your shoulders all the way to your gastrocnemius your body will automatically look for ways to compensate the load of weight during an exercise. When your body is working out a certain muscle group in the gym it will not waste any unnecessary energy, thus, it will look for other muscles that can help complete the exercise.

         Furthermore, your body compensating when you are preforming an exercise is hard to avoid. Therefore, during strength training moving amounts of weight from point A to point B is necessary to become stronger. However, when we are wanting to grow a specific muscle group in this case, your biceps you need to ensure that your bicep is solely doing all the work without the help of others for example, your triceps.

Talking about triceps!

Now, Flex fam listen up this is important!

Your triceps (forearms) can naturally be the detriment to your bicep gains.

    The triceps are usually going to be the muscle group that will contribute or “compensate” the weighted load when performing bicep tailored exercises. This means that when you are doing a bicep exercise whether it be a bicep curl or a row, your triceps will help take the load off your biceps!

Are you ready for the ultimate bicep building secret!?

            In order to maximize the growth of your biceps you will want to correct the position of your wrists! Since one of our Flex trainers cannot physically correct your form or demonstrate this right now for you, what we can tell you is to bend your wrists back! Slightly bending your wrists back will allow for a better extension when performing an exercise, for example, a barbell curl. When you keep your wrists in a more neutral position without the slight bend, your wrist flexors will take over. This means that during heavier sets other muscles will want to compensate the weight.

A slight bend back in the wrists will help you see a greater growth in your bicep gains!

This is due to your biceps working far harder than they had before (you will feel the difference)! Correcting your form on different exercises will speed up your goal process.

        Our Flex personal trainers are here to help you! Our trainers are here to not only train you to get you closer to your goals, but they are full of different techniques to help you get the most out of your workouts!  We hope that you may have learned something from this little tip we shared. There is a lot of different information when it comes to losing weight, toning up and building muscle. We understand that it can be very overwhelming and that is why we are here. Our trainers will help ease you into a more healthier lifestyle while providing you with tips and tricks along the way. So what are you waiting for? Fill out the easy form below and we will take it from there! One of our Flex trainers will contact you and we will schedule an appointment that works for you. 

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