So, you want to build muscles like this guy?

In this blog, we will go over the nutrition and training that will allow you to gain 20 lbs of muscle and pack on muscle mass without putting on fat. Now, there are plenty of ways to grow for your genetic potential for size. However, many methods can be unhealthy and dangerous. If you have been training for awhile now and have not been seeing the results you want, continue reading as we here at Flex Fitness will break down “how to gain 20 lbs of muscle.”

Firstly, if you are wanting to get bigger and stronger in the gym there are two main factors you need to pay close attention to, those factors being your training and diet. You probably have heard from your friends or fitness trainers that in order to gain muscle you must,

  1. Lift heavy
  2. Eat a diet based on your goals
  3. Get enough rest and repeat (this tip is key)

While this is certainly true and is a must when it comes to seeing your best gains, at Flex Fitness we are here to advise, that there is a big problem not many people will tell you when you are asking questions about gaining muscle.

People who lift or are experts in the fitness industry will usually tell you to keep adding more and more weight in order to get stronger and increase in size…

However, you need to remember that your body WILL compensate the weight you are adding and divert it to your joints. Our bodies are designed to take the stress off our muscles, and this will happen on your big lifts! To prevent future problems from happening there are two tips you MUST pay close attention to.

  1. You need to be aware of how much weight you are adding to the bar week to week.
  2. You must get enough rest needed for your body.

Although, you can lift all the weight you want, complete all your sets and reps, you must learn to be conscious on how quickly you are adding weight to the bar and if you are getting enough rest. In order to build your ideal body and to put on size, you need to be in tune firstly, with your mind to muscle connection.

Furthermore, by mind to muscle connection we not only mean while you are performing an exercise to pay close attention to your muscles when they are contracting. In other words, we also mean to listen to your muscles/body when you need to rest. Now, rest varies from individual to individual, you need to learn how much rest YOUR body needs.

There are many different signs that you and your muscles need rest.

  1. Your resting heart rate is elevated
  2. You are tired
  3. You are moody
  4. You are sick
  5. You are sore
  6. You keep having “bad” workouts
  7. You are not getting stronger
  8. You feel that you need a rest day

In addition to resting, PUT YOUR PRIDE ASIDE. People tend to get infatuated with how much weight they are adding to their lifts… However, becoming fixated on this can not only lead to injury (hindering your gains) but you are forgetting many other key components. Remembering that, when you are wanting to put on size, that your intensity, effort and the tension you are putting on your muscles is the correct amount. You need to find a harmonious balance between all 3 components.  

Lastly, when you are looking on the nutrition side of things, eating more to get bigger isn’t all that true.  If you are wanting lean gains and want to cut unwanted fat, you need to be eating higher quality foods and not solely basing your gains on the quantity of food you are consuming! Of course,

your nutrition and consistency is the ultimate guide to growing!

If you are wanting a complete program for your training, nutrition and a step by step workout regiment that will help you to safely pack on as much size as you can in the shortest time possible, please come see one of our certified personal trainers here at 24 hr flex fitness located in Delta, BC. We are genuinely here to help you with your goals. Contact our gym below.

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