Ever wonder the fat loss differences when it comes to men vs women? Here at Flex Fitness we wanted to share the right way to lose fat depending on if you are a man or woman. In today’s blog, you will learn from start to finish the basic differences in terms of fat storage when it comes to male vs female. We at Flex will also be discussing strategies to help you lose fat the right way depending on your gender. So, let’s dive right in!

Start-point Women

        You will often here a woman complaining about her, “muffin top” or “bat wings.” Women deposit fat more so, on their lower bodies and backs of their arms. This is due to, hormones, specifically, testosterone and estrogen. Women naturally have more estrogen than testosterone. Therefore, women carry more fat than men, about 6-11% more body fat. This is all with good reason, women were made to nourish babies. Hence why, a woman’s body stores more fat due to the anticipation of pregnancies.

Subcutaneous Fat Vs Visceral Fat

        Furthermore, due to the different levels of hormones in men vs women, you will have either more visceral fat or subcutaneous fat. Women have more subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is the jiggly fat that is just under the skin. Subcutaneous fat is also less harmful than Visceral fat, the fat that more men have. Visceral fat is the fat that surrounds the organs. A good indication of having high visceral fat is a beer belly. A beer belly caused by the fat pushing against the abdominal muscles. High visceral fat can be dangerous and is also associated with numerous diseases, for example, heart disease.  

Start-point Men

        In addition, men seem to have trouble with their, “man boobs” or “beer belly.” A man will typically carry more weight on their chest, waistline and mid section. However, men also have more muscle than woman due to testosterone. Which is the reason why genetically, men can burn more calories than body fat, even during rest. Men can also eat more calories than women because men require a higher calorie intake per pound of body fat.

Men Strategies

        Therefore, men should focus on nutrition. As previously mentioned, due to the higher amounts of testosterone in a male’s body they are likely to carry more muscle mass. In order to succeed in losing fat however, men need to watch their diets. Getting your eating in check as a male along side the right exercise program with help lower your body fat.

Women Strategies

            Moreover, women need to focus on strength training. Many women have a preconceived notion that steady state cardio is a must when it comes to working out. However, that is not the case, strength training will allow women to increase their levels of testosterone, which will aid in their fat loss journeys. We know, sounds scary right? Increasing muscle or testosterone when you’re a female?! Don’t believe us? Here’s some facts! Strength training will allow women to,

  1. Lose body fat quickly
  2. Gain strength without the bulk (tone up/ get curves)
  3. Burn calories all day (boosts metabolism)
  4. Reduce risk of heart disease and other illnesses
  5. Correct bad posture
  6. Decrease risk of injuries
  7. Boost energy
  8. Increase flexibility
  9. Relieve stress
  10. Improve sleep

The list goes on!

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