Do cheat meals really kill your goals? We at Flex Fitness are here to tell you, if you think cheat meals won’t hurt your goals… You are wrong! That sounds harsh, we know, but in the paragraphs below we will explain why! And If you haven’t heard of the craze on cheat meals…You must be living under a rock! Cheat meals or cheat days are all the rage, but if done incorrectly they will take you away from your fitness goals.

The Problem

        The term, “cheat meal or cheat days,” is essentially the problem. The whole concept around cheat days or meals is what we here at Flex find difficult to recognize. Basically, the whole idea behind cheating is that you dedicate a meal or a whole day to food that is far more satisfying and gratifying than what you are used to eating in your everyday diet… This must mean that your everyday diet is restrictive.


        Furthermore, the need of these cheat days or meals means that you have restricted yourself from certain foods. Now, the problem with this is that many diets deprive you of essential nutrients you need to function. For example, does the no carb diet sound familiar? Or how about cutting out sugar completely? What about consuming zero fat? Carbs, sugars and fats are needed to function!! If you are compromising your nutrition on essential nutrients you need, in the long-term scheme of things you are setting yourself up for failure. These fads diets can set you up to not only put the weight back on, but you can put on even more weight because of your restrictive eating plan. Sound familiar?

Long Term Success

        In order to have long term success and to keep the weight off! You need a meal plan that allows you to eat what you like in moderation. In the long term, this type of eating style can be followed for a lifetime. This is where you will find consistency and be able to maintain your fitness goals year-round. You want to be able to enjoy what you are eating in order to not crave for foods that seem more tasteful. We have said it in many of our blogs before, consistency is key. In order to be consistent with your diet you need to find the right balance that will have you looking great year after year.

How to Implement “Cheats”

Portion Control

        It’s as simple as it sounds. Control the portions of the amount of food you are consuming. Here us out, you are eating healthy because you have goals to reach, right? Now, usually “cheat foods” are incredibly high in calories which destroys the calorific deficit diet you worked so hard for all week. Therefore, portion control is important. You can still eat the foods you want but keep them in moderation.

Eat Slow and Enjoy your Food

        Regardless, of what you are eating you should be in the habit of eating slowly. It takes approximately 20 minutes for your brain to realize you’ve had enough to eat. This can prevent you from overeating. In addition, drinking water alongside your meals will also allow you to feel fuller faster.

Make it Yourself

         Cooking your own version of a “cheat meal” is the way to go! If you make the “cheat meal” yourself, you can make sure whatever you are cooking is made with quality ingredients and prepared as healthy as it can be. This was you can avoid unnecessary oils etc. cooked with your food.

Eat Real Food

       Ever wonder why you feel sluggish after eating fast food? It’s because the food isn’t real food! Processed or junk foods will have you feeling like crap. Keep your “cheat” meals of high quality or as stated about make it yourself!

Protein on Protein

       In order to help your overall digestive and detoxification systems you should try to intake protein when having your “cheat meals.” This is because the high carbs, sugars and fats overload your body to work harder! Protein also allows your body to replenish the amino acids it needs.


        Lastly, hold yourself accountable. Remember your goals, use moderation and if need be log your meals to stay on track. You do not necessarily need to call your meals, “cheat meals.” Find a diet that works for you that you don’t want to cheat on!

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