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        Anytime you think of cardio you think of what? Immediately your mind will go to the traditional, long walks, jogs, running on a treadmill, powering it out on the elliptical… The list of cardio exercises goes on. However, what is the most effective way to lose fat? Does the amount of cardio you do matter? If you find yourself on the treadmill for hours on end and still see minimum to no results… Continue reading!

The Science Behind the Cardio

        What type of cardio is better? Steady pace or high intensity interval training (HIIT).  Now, steady pace for 40-60 minutes has shown to burn the highest percentage of fat for fuel but will not burn the highest amount of fat. However, if you were to perform HIIT training, you not only cut your training time in half but you…


HIIT Is Not Easy

        Although, this is true that HIIT training burns more fat, it is not easy. HIIT training is tough, which is why you don’t see many people performing HIIT regularly. Now, the afterburn or in better terms EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) is far more greater during HIIT than steady pace cardio. This means that the more oxygen needed the more calories your body burns. But keep in mind that all your efforts must be given during HIIT compared to walking it out on the treadmill.

What About Lifting Weights?

            As for weight training, EPOC increases with the amount of intensity during your lifting sessions. In addition, weight training also has many other added benefits. Lifting weights allows you to change your body composition which leads to benefiting your health. It is the #1 way to add on muscle mass and boost your metabolic rate.


What Should You Do?

        Personally, a balance of all forms of exercising is great.

“Remember that any exercise is better than no exercise.”

         However, if you really want an answer, we’ll say this…

        If you like a challenge or are short on time, try out HIIT training. If you have time, steady pace cardio is always good. Our personal favorite lift some weights! All in all, do what works for you! Switch it up from time to time. Lift weights, finish up with some cardio. Honestly, there are no rules! As always, we will bring it to your nutrition. If you are seeing bare minimum results and you are constantly working out. You need to check your caloric intake. Remember that the real battle happens in the kitchen!!!



                To sum it all up, here at Flex Fitness we are not only a gym but a personal training facility as well. Our Flex trainers are here to help you with all your fitness needs. Having a knowledgeable trainer by your side is what will make your new fitness routine so successful. When you combine the right amount of training and conditioning you will not only burn fat, but you can also preserve muscle. In order to do this, you must know how. That is why you should get in touch with our personal training department.

Beginner/ICBC claims

            We won’t discuss much in this blog about beginners or ICBC claims however, here at Flex Fitness we cater to all fitness levels. If you have never stepped foot into a gym, that is ok, we can help! If you have an ICBC claim or have been injured and need help to get back into shape, we can help! We have kinesiologist specialists on site that can work with you and help you with all your needs.

Get Started

             Lastly, all you need to do to get started is contact us. It’s easy, just fill out the form below or give us a call 604 592 3090. Remember that your,

“Health is wealth.”

      Stop waiting, take the jump and change your life. Whatever your goal might be we will have a sit-down conversation with you to make your goals into a reality. Let us help you get ready for the New Year 2020. Come in for a free evaluation session! We look forward to hearing from you.

-Flex Fitness Personal Trainers

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