1. Change into gym clothes at work

Although it may sound silly, it actually works. Before you leave work, change into your gym clothes. This will help you mind and body realize that it is time to hit the gym! This will prevent you from making excuses. 

2. Try to workout in the morning

When you workout in the morning, you have more energy throughout the day, and your body seems to be alert rather than tired. Not to mention, you now have the entire day to do whatever you need to do on your schedule. 

3. Don’t workout everyday

Working out 3-5 times a week is plenty of exercise. You don’t have to go to workout every single day. It is absolutely not necessary because rest days are important. Give yourself plenty of rest days. 

4. Get a gym buddy 

Feeling too lazy to workout alone? Grab a gym buddy and start training together! Your gym partner will keep you motivated and vise versa. You will hold yourself accountable. You will be forced to go to the gym. Unless you want to let your partner down. 

5. Take a class

Taking a class such as spin, yoga, swimming or anything that makes you move is a great way for you to stay active and motivated to keep working out. Taking physical activity classes have proven to lower stress levels, increase energy, and overall keep you looking forward to getting physical. 

6. Stay nourished

Eat 3 to 5 small meals daily. Staying nourished is important because it helps sustain energy which is vital. Snacking every 2-3 hours helps boost metabolism.